SPCA Certified Natural Beef

People often ask us “what do you mean by natural beef”?

Our cows grow up free range, naturally fed and ethically raised. They receive a diet free of antibiotics and hormones. All our cows are born and raised on beautiful Westham Island just outside of Vancouver BC, where we take pride in sustainable farming.

We raise happy healthy cows for our local community and we are very proud to be SPCA certified assuring our cows have a high standard of animal welfare practices in place.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our naturally raised beef.

We raise a mix of Angus, Simmental, Hereford and Charolais cattle. Our cows are raised naturally – without antibiotics or growth hormones. All our calves nurse from their mothers until around 9 months, then are grass-fed, and some are grass fed and grain finished to ensure the highest quality meat.

We grow all our own grass silage, round hay bales and pea hay for winter feed on our Westham Island farm. 

We sell our beef frozen by the piece through our farm market and also offer a 30-pound Family Pack that sells for $275. 
Not every Family Pack is the same, but a typical Family Pack contains: 
2 roasts
6 steaks
1 pack of stew beef
1 pack of sausage
1 pack of short ribs
10-12 packages of ground beef 

We offer Grass fed and also Grass Fed/Grain Finished beef.

Please contact us if you have any questions!