Specialty Berries

Check in with us beginning of July for current information on our specialty berries.

Tayberries are a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry and get their name from the Tay River in Scotland where they originated from.

Blackberries are notable for their significant contents of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. These berries are popular for use in desserts, jams, jelly, and sometimes wine. It is often mixed with apples for pies and crumbles. Delish!

Black Currants can be eaten raw but are usually cooked in a variety of sweet or savoury dishes. They are used to make jams, jellies, syrups and for juice.

These delicious and healthy berries are available for u-pick only and are here for a short time. Don’t miss out!

For up to date information on picking, please call us at 604-946-8216 or check us out on Facebook.

Picking Specialty Berries at Emma Lea Farms:

  1. Be prepared for all weather with hats, boots, sunscreen, bottled water, etc.
  2. Bring your own containers such as ice cream buckets, bowls, baskets, or pails.
  3. We have a number of wagons available for you to use to carry your containers of berries. You may also bring your own wagon!
  4. Come into the U-Pick Stand and we will weigh the empty containers prior to picking (container weight will be deducted from your final weight).
  5. We will direct you to the correct field.
  6. Pick your fruit ripe. You may sample one or two, but please wait to pay for your berries before eating them.
  7. Once you have your fruit, return to the stand to weigh and pay for your berries. We have sinks where you can wash the fruit and enjoy them in our picnic area.

Thank you!


Before eating any fruit, it should be washed under cold water. Pat dry with a towel and enjoy!

If you want to freeze them, rinse with cold water and lay them out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Put them in a freezer for a couple hours, then shake into a ziplock bag and they will freeze individually.

Blackberries and Tayberries are delicious, refreshing and a good snack as they are super healthy for you. Use them year round in your smoothies!