Our sweet and juicy berries will be ready for you to pick or to buy them freshly picked for you daily beginning in June. Please check back for specific dates as the season draws closer. The start date can change from year to year, depending on the weather. Please call us for updates at 604-946-8216 or check our our Facebook page.

We perform test plots every year to try out new varieties, always searching for the best, sweetest and juiciest berries. The berries we have to offer you have passed those rigorous tests and we are sure you will enjoy these sweet, great tasting berries that are very healthy for you.

Approximate Picking Times

Strawberries: June 18 – July 10
Raspberries: June 30 – July 20
Tayberries: June 30 – July 20
Black Currants: July 10 – July 25
Blackberries: July 10 – July 30
Blueberries: July 10 – August 20
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