Farming Practices

Emma Lea Farms was incorporated on our Century Farm in 1954 by Robert and Betty Husband (See our History page). Kevin took over the management in 1975 and added new crops such as Strawberries, Raspberries, Cabbage and Rutabaga. Over the years, we have continued to grow in a healthy, sustainable manner with the hopes of keeping our farm going for future generations.

Below are some of our methods of moving forward and producing a healthy, environmentally safe product that we are proud of.


A program initiative of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada with the following objectives:

Help the agriculture sector better identify its impact on the environment and promote the growth of stewardship activities within the agriculture industry. The plan also supports the environmental objectives of the Agricultural Policy Framework by assuring Canadians that agriculture resources are being managed in a sustainable fashion and helping to brand Canada in the global market as a source of safe, high-quality food produced in an environmentally responsible manner.


This certificate shows that we have met the Canadian Horticultural Council requirements. This is an on-farm food safety program designed to help producers and packers implement good, food-safe procedures in their operations. This includes keeping traceable records on all daily operations and training all personnel in all aspects of crop production and food handling.


This company offers Integrated Pest Management services. They monitor our fields for pests and diseases and that helps minimize any sprays needed to insure a disease free crop. Insects are only treated as they occur in numbers that exceed a safe threshold. Plant diseases can be predicted and prevented early by frequent and careful monitoring.

We regularly rotate our crops so that the same crop is not reseeded in the same field year after year. This keeps the soils healthier and the soils better balanced. We also seed cover crops such as Winter Wheat, Fall Rye, Barley and Oats. This is done for a couple of reasons. Having a cover crop helps improve drainage, helps store nutrients over the winter, and feeds the thousands of migratory birds which visit us every winter for their resting ground.

We promote impeccable hygiene for all our workers, and provide clean washrooms, hand washing facilities, and fresh water. We live on our farm and strive to keep it clean and neat. This adds to the pride and honour of our family and staff.


SPCA Certified is a food-labeling program that gives consumers assurance that the food they purchase comes from Canadian farms that raise farm animals to a higher set of standards.

SPCA Certified farms are visited at least once a year by a trained, independent auditor who inspects the farm to the SPCA Certified animal welfare standards. A separate panel of independent experts decides if the farm meets the requirements for certification.

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