Frequently Asked Questions

We farm under Integrated Pest Management which is a system of crop production that manages pests using a combination of organic methods and other conventional practises. These practises, for example, are Cultural (in terms of crop rotation), Physical (like cultivating and hand weeding), Biological (which is releasing good insects to combat bad insects) and finally as a last resort, if we are at risk of losing a crop, Chemical (that is using limited amounts to control pests without imposing on any beneficial good insects). The CFIA randomly selects produce and tests for chemical residue. On the samples taken from our farm in the past, they have never found any detectable amounts. This is an economically and very environmentally sustainable way of managing crops. We have a contract with ES Crop Consult on our farm to monitor our crops. Each crop and each season is different. Check out for more information on this program. Please contact us know if you have further questions. Thank you for your ongoing support!
At this time, we do not host weddings on our farm. The reason is that we are just too busy during the summer months with the harvest and our market. We are focusing on other events such as dinners, birthday parties, field trips, Christmas and Spring Markets at this time.
We hire local members of our community in April and May for June, July and August work. Please send your resume to: or if you have a question, please visit our “Contact” page.

As for our farm labour in the berry harvesting season, we have this privately contracted out and do not hire for this part of the job.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining our team!