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  • "The 2017 strawberry season is coming along nicely. We are hoping to open mid June. Please stay tuned for more information. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or call us at 604-946-8216. Thank you for your ongoing support!"

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Strawberries June 15 - July 7

Raspberries July 1 - July 20

Boysenberries July 15 - August 1

Tayberries Ju1y 1 - July 20

Black Currants July 1 - July 15

Blackberries July 10 - July 30

Blueberries July 10 - August 20

Pumpkins October 1 - October 31

For up-to-date information on picking, please call us at 604-946-8216 or check us out on Facebook. The picking date can change depending on the spring weather.

We also have a variety of fresh vegetables such as potatoes, peas, beans, cabbage, rutabaga and beets available throughout the season.